Emily Folk

Emily Folk

Emily Folk is a sustainability and green tech writer. Her goal is to help people become more informed about the world around them and how they fit into it.  You can read more of her work on her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her on Twitter.

Artificial Sweeteners Affect Our Bodies and Environment

Artificial sweeteners may have unintended effects on the body and the biosphere, so it is worth looking into natural sugar ...
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Emerging battery technology

Emerging Battery Tech for Energy Industry

Several improvements in emerging battery technology have turned renewable energy into a more affordable and more reliable energy solution. By ...
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murder hornets

Murder Hornets a Threat to Honey Bees

Asian giant hornets, sometimes called murder hornets, are the latest in a long line of recent threats to honey bees ...
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clean water

COVID-19 Highlights Lack of Clean Water Access

The need for good hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the lack of access to clean water some communities ...
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pesticide use

Safety Concerns Surrounding Pesticide Use

Pesticide hazards to human health and the environment have long been a bone of contention, leaving people confused and in ...
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How the History of Littering Should Impact the Solution

LIttering has wreaked havoc on ecosystems all over the world. What do we do now to amend the global problem ...
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Sustainable Transportation: Electric vs. Gas

This article was originally published under the title Sustainable Transportation: Electric Car Emissions vs. Gas in the Conservation Folks blog ...
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food and coronavirus

What to Know about Your Food and Coronavirus

The rapid spread of COVID-19 breeds concerns about food and coronavirus, but studies show no direct link between virus transmission ...
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Will We Ever Find a Microplastics Alternative?

By Emily Folk @EmilySFolk Microplastics are tiny plastic particles measuring less than 0.2 inches long that end up in the ...
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hydropower dam

Are Hydropower Dams the Future of Energy?

By Emily Folk @EmilySFolk Growing concerns about fossil fuels—especially their potential contributions to pollution and global warming—have individuals and governments ...
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asthma, pollution, air quality, environment

Asthma, Genetics, and the Environment

By Emily Folk The relationship between asthma and genetics has evaded scientists for years. Researchers are still unraveling clues today, ...
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Imagining Future Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater is a health threat in communities worldwide and researchers constantly seek treatment solutions to improve the health of individuals ...
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Impact of Developing Biofuels on Travel Emissions

With climate change and other environmental challenges looming large, will developing organic biofuels help reduce transportation emissions? By Emily Folk ...
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How Wildfires Start Their Own Weather

An intense wildfire can produce its own weather, potentially causing thunderstorms and even "firenadoes.” Read on to learn how. By ...
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Why Plastics Are Dangerous to Our Health

Is the BPA found in plastics dangerous to our health? The science doesn't look good. Learn where BPA can be ...
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Help Audubon Protect Threatened Birds

Audubon’s Climate Watch Program needs volunteers to help it spot 12 birds threatened by climate change. Are you in? “Hope ...
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