Sponsorship Policy, Principles, and Acceptance

Science Connected Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting people with scientific research and information. Science Connected Magazine delivers accessible and scientifically verifiable information to a general audience. We are creating social justice by making information about scientific research freely available online so people can access and understand it.

The appearance of advertising on the Science Connected Magazine website does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product, nor is advertising allowed to affect editorial decisions or editorial content. Advertising revenue is used to support Science Connected programs. 

Prohibited advertisements

  • Advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
  • Advertisements for weapons, firearms, ammunition or fireworks
  • Gambling and lottery advertisements
  • Advertisements for pornography or related materials or services
  • Political and religious advertisements
  • Advertisements that claim to offer a “miracle” cure or method
  • Advertisements that make health claims that are unsubstantiated by peer-reviewed empirical research
  • Advertisements directed at minors
  • Advertisements flagged by our editorial team as inappropriate for our audience


  • Science Connected Magazine will label all advertisements with the word “Advertisement” and all sponsored content with the word “Sponsored.”
  • Advertisements may not imply endorsement by, nor affiliation with, Science Connected or our publications or programs.
  • Neither advertisers nor their agents may collect any personal information from any user viewing the Science Connected Magazine website except with the user’s knowledge and permission.


Please ask about current rates and acceptance.