Online Advertising Policy, Principles and Acceptance

Science Connected Inc. publishes Science Connected Magazine. Revenue from sales of ad space is used to fund our science education and science communication programs and should not interfere with our user experience. The editors may accept advertising on the Science Connected Magazine website. The appearance of advertising on this website is not an endorsement of the advertised company or product, nor is advertising allowed to affect editorial decisions or editorial content. Advertising revenue is used to support Science Connected programs. 

Advertising Acceptance

Science Connected has the right to refuse any advertisement that is inappropriate or incompatible with our mission and to stop accepting any advertisement previously accepted. Acceptance, rejection, or termination of any advertisement is entirely at the discretion of Science Connected. 

The following advertisement formats may be considered:

  • Top banner ads
  • Text or visual display ads
  • Weekly email digest sponsorship ads

The following types of advertisements are prohibited:

  • Advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
  • Advertisements for weapons, firearms, ammunition and fireworks
  • Gambling and lottery advertisements
  • Advertisements for pornography or related materials and services
  • Political and religious advertisements
  • Advertisements that claim to offer a “miracle” cure or method
  • Advertisements that make health claims that are unsubstantiated by peer-reviewed empirical research
  • Advertisements directed at minors
  • Advertisements that may be mistaken for editorial content
  • Advertisements flagged by our editorial team as inappropriate for our audience
  • Permanently-placed links

The following advertisement formats are prohibited:

  • Pop-ups and floating ads
  • Advertisements that are designed to collect personally identifiable information from visitors to the Science Connected Magazine website without their knowledge or permission
  • Ads that expand across or down the page without the visitor having clicked or rolled-over the ad
  • Ads that send visitors to another site without the visitor having clicked the ad
  • Any ad that the Science Connected Magazine editorial staff feel interferes with the user experience

Advertising Policy and Rate Card

  1. Advertisements require editorial staff approval before they can appear on the site. Such review will extend to any landing page(s) the advertisement links to.
  2. Advertisements, advertising icons and advertiser logos must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. In addition, Science Connected Magazine will label all advertisements with the word “advertisement.”
  3. Neither advertisers nor their agents may collect any personal information from any user viewing the Science Connected Magazine website except with the user’s knowledge and permission and only after giving the user substantive information about the uses to which the information will be put. Similarly, cookies, applets and other such files are prohibited if those files transmit any personally identifiable information to the advertisers or agencies without the user’s knowledge and permission.

The information on this page is also available in our online advertising rate card (PDF):