Be a Volunteer Science Communicator

Apply to join the Science Connected volunteer science communication team. Our team of volunteers represents a wide range of scientific fields from astrophysics to zoology. To get started, please use the button below to access our science communication volunteer application form.

Do you want to help increase public understanding of science? Do you want to spread science literacy? If so, let’s talk!

Science Connected is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to connect people with the latest scientific research. We are investigating research findings, translating them into language that everyone can understand, and publishing articles that lay a solid foundation in the scientific method and feature comprehensive overviews of current research and discovery in the physical and life sciences. We do this through the practice of responsible and reliable science communication.

We welcome enthusiastic volunteers from a wide variety of scientific fields of study who want to write short-form summaries of recent scientific research. A background in journalism is not necessary to join our team as a volunteer science communicator, but a high level of written English is needed. We can provide instruction and guidance in science communication best practices.

At Science Connected, we identify new, exciting research in a wide range of fields from recently published work and distill the findings into an accessible format for non-experts. Our volunteer science communicators practice information synthesis, critical analysis, and the summarizing of complex information.

Science Connected Magazine is an editorially independent, non-profit newsroom producing open-access science journalism and scientific fact-checking for the global public. We work to increase science literacy and public access to reliable information. We are published by Science Connected 501(c)(3) in San Francisco, California.