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Congratulations! You no longer have to be affiliated with a university or research institute to access awesome, cutting-edge scientific research and learn from the scientists driving that research. Science Connected Magazine delivers comprehensible science to the public—for free.

Science Connected Magazine is a free, open-access publication. Science Connected journalists and scientists work together to deliver the latest scientific research in a format that everyone can read. We read peer-reviewed journal articles, ask questions, check facts, and write up the results. This publication is the product of a global group of scientists and science communicators, mostly volunteers, who are passionate about increasing public understanding of science and creating free and equal access to science education. 
There is a wealth of research about climate and environmental issues coming out of the top universities and labs, and very little of it trickles down to underfunded schools and the voting public. We give low-income schools, diverse students, and members of the wider public free access to that information, written in a way that is easy to understand.

We view science as a space for growth, opportunity, community, environmental stewardship, and education. Our focus is on public benefit. We create a collaborative environment for researchers, citizen scientists, educators, and science communicators to write about world-changing scientific discoveries and projects. Because we also report on the culture and politics surrounding science, we often focus on its human side, offering a place for scientists and community members to tell their stories. In addition to publishing Science Connected Magazine, we offer the following:

In our work to increase public understanding of science, we collaborate with many partners and uphold the highest possible standards of scientific and journalistic integrity. We do not sensationalize, cherry-pick, or misrepresent the research reports. We do not report pseudoscience or mistake correlation for causation. We source peer-reviewed academic journals and follow the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Our offices are in downtown San Francisco, but we serve communities all around the world. Please reach out to us any time. Here are several options for contacting Science Connected:

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