Science Connected Advisory Panel

Science Connected Advisors

The Science Connected Advisory Panel

The Science Connected Advisory Panel is a network of volunteers who are experts in a wide variety of scientific fields, STEM education, and nonprofit development.

  • Scientific experts are affiliated with universities and research laboratories. Our science communicators and editors sometimes reach out to them when they have questions about accurately explaining peer-reviewed research reports to our readership.
  • Education specialists are curriculum developers, academic administrators, and experienced teachers who occasionally advise on our public-facing science education projects.
  • Nonprofit business development expert advisors are essential to the fundraising efforts that keep all of our science communication and education programs running.

This is a volunteer position with a low time commitment for those who are interested in using their expertise to help spread scientific literacy around the globe. If you are interested in being affiliated with Science Connected as a member of the Science Connected Advisory Panel, please contact us to discuss.

More about Science Connected

Science Connected is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit producer of fun, engaging, research-based science education resources. We are a global group of scientists and science communicators who are dedicated to increasing public understanding of science and creating free and equal access to science education.

Together we help scientists provide public access to their research findings; translate complex research findings into accessible insights on science, nature, and technology; and facilitate scientific research, communication, and lifelong learning.

Our organization views science as a space for growth, opportunity, community, environmental stewardship, and education. We put this view into practice by creating a collaborative space for researchers, citizen scientists, educators, and science communicators to write about scientific projects that will change our world. And because we also report on the culture and politics surrounding science, we often focus on its human side, offering a place for scientists and community members to tell their stories. In addition to publishing Science Connected Magazine, we produce teaching guides, lab manuals, and paperback anthologies.