Angie Lo

Angie Lo

Angie Lo is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, currently majoring in Physiology and English. When not writing or studying, she can be found drawing cartoons, reading poetry, or cracking her tenth corny science pun of the day. 

Giant Virus Evolution and Nanotechnology

Giant Virus Evolution Key to New Medical Nanotechnology

Research into giant virus evolution is helping scientists to understand and harness the viruses for innovative medical nanotechnology. By Litia Yssel Science has found a new explanation for how giant viruses evolved to became so huge. Understanding giant virus evolution could aid in further developing viruses as tools in medical ...
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food waste and our problem with ugly produce

Food Waste: The Psychology of Ugly Produce

Food waste is a big problem in the United States, where each household discards an average of one third of the food people buy. By Angie Lo Have you ever reached for an apple from your fruit basket, only to find out they’ve all gone spotty and bruised? It turns ...
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Exercise Prevents Disease Through Genes

The Effect of Exercise on Your Genes

Genes can be expressed in different ways, and new research suggests that exercise has a positive impact on gene expression and your health. By Risha Banerjee and Angie Lo It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise improves your health and prevents the onset of complications such as cardiovascular disease and ...
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carbon-imbued silver

The Mysteries of Carbon-Imbued Silver

Carbon dioxide is a common greenhouse gas that can be reduced through exposure to green light. Carbon-imbued silver has many possible applications. By Crystal Wang Exploring the possibilities of carbon-imbued silver Recently, there has been considerable global research focused on developing technologies able to transform the common greenhouse gas carbon ...
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getting creative with science learning at home

Getting Creative with Remote Science Learning

Field research and collaborative science learning are challenging for students studying from home, but these professors have some ideas! By Angie Lo When schools and universities were transferred online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, science educators faced a unique difficulty—teaching students the practices of research while in-person labs were closed ...
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“Rotten Egg” Gas’ Surprising Role in Your Breathing

“Rotten Egg” Gas’ Surprising Role in Breathing

Hydrogen sulfide, commonly known as rotten egg gas, does more than clear a room—it also helps regulate your important bodily functions, like breathing! By Angie Lo Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, has been infamously dubbed the “rotten egg” gas for its characteristic stink. Though overpowering and even noxious in large quantities, ...
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How Fiber Can Help The Body Fight Bacteria

How Fiber Helps Your Body Fight Bacteria

By Angie Lo Fiber is important. Aside from its well-known roles in preventing constipation and lowering blood sugar, fiber has yet another vital function— boosting the body’s immunity. When fiber gets consumed and enters the digestive tract, some of it can get broken down into smaller molecules known as short-chain ...
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motion sickness

Brain Games Relieve Motion Sickness

New research suggests that doing brain training exercises to improve visuospatial skills could help reduce motion sickness. By Angie Lo If you’ve ever felt queasy while on a train or boat, you’re definitely not alone. Motion sickness is extremely common—according to the National Library of Medicine, around one in three ...
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queen bee, queen bees, bee colony, bee colonies, bee health

Relaxed Queen Bees Have More Offspring

Queen bees produce different proteins when they are stressed, and this new discovery could change how we monitor hive conditions. By Angie Lo Farmers, scientists, hobbyists—numerous keepers play a vital role in caring for the bees that make our honey and pollinate plants. However, beekeeping is a difficult process, and ...
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The Role of Sleep in Gut and Heart Health

Poor sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, and a new study suggests it's because disrupted sleep damages the gut microbiome. By Angie Lo Deadlines, midterms, constant commitments—many of us have felt the struggle of being robbed of a good night’s rest. Not only does poor sleep lead to ...
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