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Technology Design to Step up Your Game


Accessibility is critical to extend the advantages of technology to as a large number of people as possible. Microsoft estimates that there are over a billion people with disabilities around the world, many of whom like to game. Hence, three years ago, the XBox Accessibility team started working on a new type of controller. They collaborated with occupational therapy groups and nonprofits to build the controller that people with disabilities needed. How does it work? What are its features? Watch this video from the Endgadget series.

With smooth, rounded edges and its angled, small shape, this 11×6 inch gamepad is finely designed to allow people with disabilities game comfortably. On its back, it hosts nineteen 3.5 mm (0.13 inch) ports, which allow people with disabilities to plug in their existing, home-made adaptive controllers. On top of each 3.5 mm port, there is a groove helping people find where to plug in their devices. Its Bluetooth functionality, USB ports, and a battery with 25-hour autonomy, this technology offers comfort and usability to gamers with disabilities.

Rather than considering this a one-and-done product, developers want to use the XBox adaptive controller as the next evolution of the gamepad.

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