An array of objects decorated using Columbia Engineering Professor Changxi Zheng's new method -- computational hydrographic printing -- that physically aligns a surface color texture onto a 3D printed surface with a precision never before attained. (Changxi Zheng, Columbia Engineering) Engineering New Technologies 

3D Printing, Now with Surface Decorations

Science and art go together beautifully. It just got a lot easier and cheaper to add complex surface art to your 3D printing creations. Researchers at Columbia Engineering and Zhejiang University in China have developed a technique that enables more precise 3D printing than ever before. 3D Printing Meets Hydrographic Printing Engineers often find ways to make our lives healthier, safer, and easier to clean. Sometimes, they make things easier to view, or in this case, more visually appealing. The new technique is based on hydrographic printing, which is an…

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