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How Do Bees Make Honey?


How bees make honey, courtesy of Dr. Joe Hanson and PBS Digital Studios

Western honey bees, or European honey bees, are responsible for pollinating about three quarters of the crops we eat. But bees may be more famous for the ability to make sweet, sweet honey. Watch as Dr. Joe explains how bees make the honey we love.

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Being a queen bee is about more than royal jelly:
Mao, Wenfu, Mary A. Schuler, and May R. Berenbaum. “A dietary phytochemical alters caste-associated gene expression in honey bees.”Science advances 1.7 (2015): e1500795

Multiple phenotypes coming from the same genetics (like workers and queens) is called “polyphenism”…

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Mary Ann Aschenbrenner…

Photo courtesy of Steven Spence


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