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Six Extinctions in Six Minutes: Shelf Life Video


Learn about six mass) extinctions in 440 million years, all in one video from the American Museum of Natural History

All things must pass. But the idea that a species could go extinct is a relatively new one, first proposed by anatomist Georges Cuvier in a presentation in Paris in 1796 in a lecture on the extinction of the mastodon, then thought by some to still be roaming the ill-explored western reaches of North America.  –American Museum of Natural History

Shelf Life is a collection of videos for curious minds—opening doors, pulling out drawers, and taking the lids off some of the incredible, rarely seen items in the American Museum of Natural History. In addition to this video about mass extinctions, the Shelf Life series explores topics like specimen preparation, learn why variety is vital, and meet some of the people who work in the Museum collections.


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