Grizzly Bears, Salmon, Alaska Animals Nature Photography 

Grizzly Bears Fishing for Salmon in Alaska

By Max Goldberg This is the latest installment of wildlife photographer Max Goldberg’s adventures in Alaska. Enjoy more of his photos of wild grizzly bears here. Watching the grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Alaska was quite an entertaining experience for me, as I had never seen anything like this in my life. I got to see the whole process: catching the salmon, skinning the fish and eating the brains (those are the fattiest parts), and getting back to the falls to do it again. I will admit that the sound the…

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Photographer in Alaska: Grizzly Bear Fight Animals Nature Photography 

Photographer in Alaska: Grizzly Bear Fight

By Max Goldberg This is the next installment of wildlife photographer Max Goldberg’s tales of wild grizzly bears in Alaska. After crossing a river in our waders, we found the mother and three little cubs on the bank of another river.  We set up our cameras and tripods and watched the little cubs climb over their mother and goof off, getting shots of the raw cuteness. Now, we were sitting in a large open marshland, with hungry male bears all over the area–not where a mother of three new–born cubs…

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Wild Alaskan Grizzly Bears, photographed by Max Goldberg Animals 

Grizzly Bears Catching Clams in Alaska

By Max Goldberg This is a continuation of our Photographer’s Adventures in Alaska series. Previously from wildlife photographer Max Goldberg: Adventures with Grizzly Bears and Grazing Grizzly Bears After some much needed rest, my group of photographers got back into the dinghy, and headed back towards shore. At this point, the tide had gone out and there were approximately 200 yards of beach that we had never seen before. We jumped out of the dinghy, and started to walk up the beach. Once we put all our gear down, and set up our bucket…

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Photographer in Alaska: Grazing Grizzly Bears

By Max Goldberg, Contributing Photographer Grazing Grizzly Bears: This is the second installment of wildlife photographer Max Goldberg’s latest Alaskan Adventure. After spending a few days at Brooks Lodge, my father and I went back to Anchorage, Alaska, and took three flights to our next destination: the Natural Habitat Ursus. The Ursus is an old crab–fishing boat converted into a floating home–from–home, and our base for the next week. Every morning, we would eat breakfast, put on our waders, get into a skiff, and go to shore looking for bears.  …

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