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What is a Computer?

Here at Science Connected, we tip our hats to our Sophie Shrand, our favorite science comedian! The Season 2 Finale of the hit series Science with Sophie is all about COMPUTERS! Sophie asks, “what IS a computer?” and answers with bananas because…reasons. Join Sophie to dive into binary, hardware, computers vs. humans, and more. Plus, meet Sophie’s newest character who, by total chance, is here just in time for The Matrix 20th anniversary. Can you believe that the original Matrix movie is 20 years old this year? We can’t. Seriously.…

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Cooling Computers: Graphene-based film on an electronic component with high heat intensity (Johan Liu / Chalmers University of Technology) Engineering Physics Technology 

Cooling Electronics with Graphene-based Film

How many fans does it take to keep your computer from overheating? Electronic systems accumulate a great deal of heat, mostly due to the ever-increasing demand on functionality. Computer users have been using cool air (and even liquid) to reduce heat, but now researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have developed a method for efficiently cooling electronics using graphene-based film. The film is a mere 20 micrometers thick, yet has four times the thermal conductivity capacity of copper. Cooling Electronics, Protecting the Environment Getting rid of excess heat in efficient…

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What you need to build a computer (Tabletop Whale) Science and Art 

What You Need to Build a Computer

This infographic depicting the components you need to build a computer is the work of the fabulous Eleanor Lutz. Lutz is a Seattle-based designer with a degree in molecular biology. She illustrates science concepts using Photoshop and other tools. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Popular Science. Her latest work is intended to be an illustrated list of components needed to build a computer, rather than a set of instructions. The designer was inspired to create her latest infographic after building her own new computer.…

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Quantum computing, Pixomar via freedigitalphotos.net Physics Technology 

Quantum Computers Coming Soon

Two research teams at the University of New South Wales have taken us a step closer to building super powerful quantum computers and putting them in your hands. The teams have created two types of quantum bits, or qubits. Qubits are the building blocks for quantum computers. These qubits are not only super fast, but also super accurate, with each processing data with an accuracy above 99%. Menno Veldhorst of UNSW says, “It is really amazing that we can make such an accurate qubit using pretty much the same devices as…

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