Brass mask used to create spiral laser beam (Stuart Hay, ANU) Physics Technology 

Physicists Make a Quantum Whirlpool

Imagine changing matter into light and light into matter, and then using that technology to build computers that are faster and more powerful than anything most of us can dream of. That dream is closer to reality thanks to a new discovery that could link electronics with photonics. Physicists have successfully engineered a spiral laser beam that can create a vortex, or quantum whirlpool, of particles called polaritons, hybrid particles with the properties of both matter and light. Polaritons form in semiconductors when laser light interacts with electrons and holes…

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Quantum computing, Pixomar via Physics Technology 

Quantum Computers Coming Soon

Two research teams at the University of New South Wales have taken us a step closer to building super powerful quantum computers and putting them in your hands. The teams have created two types of quantum bits, or qubits. Qubits are the building blocks for quantum computers. These qubits are not only super fast, but also super accurate, with each processing data with an accuracy above 99%. Menno Veldhorst of UNSW says, “It is really amazing that we can make such an accurate qubit using pretty much the same devices as…

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