Science Lessons for Middle School

A set of life science discussion guides and activities for US grades 7 through 9. These lessons apply the latest education best practices. 

What You Get

Each experiment includes a link to an online text, comprehension questions, discussion questions, and projects.

Comprehension Questions: Use these questions to check if learners understand the meaning of the text. Learners will think about what they have read and demonstrate understanding.

Discussion Questions: Use these questions to lead discussions about the text with the whole class or small groups. Learners will brainstorm and use prior knowledge to think beyond the text.

Projects: Use these project prompts to start learners working on more complex group tasks. Learners will conduct research and may share their findings in the form of a written paper, oral presentation, multimedia presentation, or other format, depending on available resources and learning goals.

Reading Level: US Grades 7–9 based on the Flesch-Kincaid readability tests

19 lessons, 21 pages, downloadable PDF

Published by Science Connected, 2016


Seabirds • How Bees Make Honey • Bird Migration • Narwhal Tusks • Jellyfish • Deep Sea Animals • Grizzly Bears • King Richard III’s Skeleton • The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy • Gamma Rays from Another Galaxy • Autumn Leaf Color Changes • Why We Laugh • Swimming Robots • Mobile Phone Battery Life • Woodpeckers • What a Marine Biologist Does • Wildlife Photography • Airplane Flight • Scientific Theory

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