Science Experiments for 5-9 Year Olds (Manual Only)


Fun and educational science experiments for parents and teachers to enjoy with children ages 5-9 using items commonly found around the home. No specialized equipment needed, so jump right in! This set is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The lab manual is a PDF download that covers what each experiment is about, vocabulary, materials, instructions, science to know, and online access to further explanations of scientific principles for each experiment.

What’s Included

8 experiments, lab manual

Lab materials list

Online access to additional resources

The Labs

Introduction: An Experiment Guide for Parents and Teachers

  1. Demonstrating the Forces of Flight
  2. Make It Move: Measuring the Static Friction of a Shoe
  3. How Do Different Materials Affect Temperature?
  4. How Are Colors Created?
  5. How Can You Turn Saltwater into Drinking Water?
  6. How Can Geckos Climb Walls?
  7. How Does a Solar Cell Create Electricity?
  8. How Is the Aurora Borealis Created?

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