How Our Skeletal Muscles Work (Eleanor Lutz, Tabletop Whale)Biology 

How Muscles Work, an Infographic


See how your skeletal muscles work in this graphic by Eleanor Lutz. Skeletal muscles are the muscles that attach to the bones of your skeleton and you can move at will.

How Our Skeletal Muscles Work (Eleanor Lutz, Tabletop Whale)

This infographic about how our skeletal muscles work was created by the talented Eleanor Lutz. As Lutz explains on her blog, Tabletop Whale, “I love GIFs as an art form, so this month I tried making an infographic GIF. It’s a 25-frame stop motion animation made mostly in Photoshop. I’ve never made an animation this complex before, and I had a ton of fun with it. I’m definitely planning on more animated infographics in the future.”

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That was not an empty promise. After creating this animated GIF, Lutz went on to produce this infographic about how different animals breathe, as well as this information-rich control panel for planet earth, inspired by Star Trek, Next Generation. Many thanks to Lutz for this excellent explanation of how muscles work!


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