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Book Review: Wild Sex: The Science Behind Mating in the Animal Kingdom

Title: Wild Sex: The Science Behind Mating in the Animal Kingdom Reviewed by: Kate Stone for, a Science Connected publication Author: Dr. Carin Bondar Publisher: Pegasus Books On sale: Now (September 2016) Best for: 18 and up Reviewer’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 Introduction Sexual reproduction. It provides the genetic diversity that is essential for complex life on Earth. Birds do it; bees do it—every member of the animal kingdom does it, from fruit flies to blue whales. But if you think humans have a tough time dating, try…

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Book Review: When We Are No More

Title: When We Are No More: How Digital Memory Is Shaping Our Future Author: Abby Smith Rumsey Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing On sale: March 2016 Best for: 16+ Reviewed by: Norman Rusin for, a Science Connected publication Reviewer’s rating: 3 out of 5 Introduction Imagine a world in which all the knowledge produced and amassed by humankind is finally digitized. One day a natural catastrophe destroys all the servers that are preserving that data. What will the future hold for humankind? Now, imagine a world where human life is no…

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