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Shelf Life, Episode 2: Turtles and Taxonomy


About Turtles and Taxonomy

Don’t have time to visit the American Museum of Natural History? We’ve got your back! EH Science invites you to take a virtual trip behind the scenes of New York’s famous museum. In this, the second episode of Shelf Life, the museum’s new original video series, you can walk in the shoes of a research scientist and explore the enormous collection of specimens, many of which are not on public display. Enjoy Turtles and Taxonomy!

Shelf Life is a collection for curious minds—opening doors, pulling out drawers, and taking the lids off some of the incredible, rarely seen items in the American Museum of Natural History. If you missed the first episode, catch it here: Shelf Life, Episode 1: 33 Million Things.

From AMNH:

From humanity’s earliest days, we’ve been pretty intent on naming and classifying things. After all, without words like “banana” or “tiger,” it would be difficult to ask important survival questions like “Are bananas good to eat?” and “Can a tiger outrun me?” But after we moved on from hunting, gathering, and escaping large carnivores, names became the lexicon that allowed more complicated investigations. To understand things, we have to name them and group them—and then we get to start asking questions about the world.

Watch Shelf Life Episode 2: Turtles and Taxonomy. You can even watch it in your pajamas.


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