Book Review: Secrets of the Seas: A Journey into the Heart of the Oceans Book Reviews Nature Photography Oceanography 

Book Review: Secrets of the Seas

Title: Secrets of the Seas: A Journey into the Heart of the Ocean Reviewed by: Steven Spence for, a Science Connected publication Author: Callum Roberts Photographer: Alex Mustard Publisher: Bloomsbury Natural History Publication Date: September 22, 2016 Available: Bloomsbury UK; Amazon Rating: 5 out of 5 [tweetthis]New book offers glimpses of marine life diversity that few people ever see firsthand.[/tweetthis] Secrets of the Seas: A Journey into the Heart of the Oceans is an extraordinary book. Visiting multiple ocean locations, the author and photographer offer glimpses of marine life diversity…

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A grey whale with scars on its tail flukes, possibly the result of a collision with a marine vessel. Image credit: Ricardo Antunes. Animals Environment Oceanography 

Marine Wildlife Protection Meets Maritime Tracking

When marine mammals surface for air, they are frequently struck by seagoing vessels. In addition, with maritime transport accounting for approximately 90 percent of world trade, the noise made by all those ships may disrupt the navigation of whales and other marine mammals. Besides noise disturbance and fatal strikes, shipping impacts on marine wildlife include introduction of pathogens, fuel spills, and invasive species into the water; habitat destruction through anchoring, especially on coral reefs; and pollution of the air. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), working with researchers and practitioners from public…

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Jellyfish Do More than Drift

Jellyfish might look like they are just drifting along with the ocean currents, but according to a new study of barrel jellies, these animals are moving with purpose. Researchers have found that jellyfish can detect ocean currents and actively swim against them. “Jellyfish are not just bags of jelly drifting passively in the oceans,” says Graeme Hays of Deakin University in Australia. “They are incredibly advanced in their orientation abilities.” It is believed that this is how jellyfish are able to congregate in blooms consisting of hundreds to millions of…

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