Old Bonobos Need Reading Glasses Animals 

Old Bonobos Need Reading Glasses

By Maarten Rikken A study released in Current Biology has found that bonobos’ eyesight becomes significantly reduced when they reach around 40 years of age. We talk to the study’s lead author, Heungjin Ryu, to find out why his discovery is a sign that we have even more in common with our primate relatives than we previously thought. ResearchGate: How would you sum up your main findings? Heungjin Ryu: We found that wild bonobos began to show symptoms of long-sightedness at around 40 years of age. We were surprised that the…

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We’ve All Got a Blind Spot, and Can Shrink It

By Kate S. The human eye is marvel of evolution, but it includes an unavoidable blind spot. That’s because the optic nerve that sends visual signals to the brain must pass through the retina, which creates a hole in the light-sensitive layer of tissue. When images project to that precise part of the eye, they cannot be seen. Now researchers are sharing some good news: this blind spot in the human eye can be effectively “shrunk” with training, despite the fact that the hole in our visual field remains. Reducing…

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