Dinosaur Dromaeosaurus by David Alden Paleontology Science and Art 

Dromaeosaurus: Dinosaur Brought to Life in Colorful Sculpture

By Shayna Keyles  @shaynakeyles David Alden is a sculptor who, in his latest project, combines his enthusiasm for paleontology and fine arts. Over the past two years he worked with a team to create a gorgeous life-sized sculpture of Dromaeosaurus albertensis, a dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period in what became the western United States and Alberta, Canada. I spoke with Alden about his motivations for undertaking such a project, how to fact-check a sculpture, and what’s next on the horizon. GotScience: What first inspired you to do…

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Raptor Dinosaurs: Artist’s Digital and graphite restoration drawing of Velociraptor mongoliensis (By Matt Martyniuk GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons) Animals Paleontology 

Friendly Neighborhood Raptor Dinosaurs

By Steven Spence Raptor Dinosaurs Raptor dinosaurs, formally known as dromaeosaurids, had very large curved talons on the  second toes of their feet. A similar feature is seen on some modern raptors (eagles and hawks), and some scientists believe this is an example of a similar functional evolution. Instead of using the “killing claw” as a slashing weapon, as suggested in movies, scientists propose that it was used in “Raptor Prey Restraint” (RPR) mode. The mode is utilized for large prey similar in size to the predator. Smaller prey are…

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