Sunsets: Sunset seen at the coast in Novigrad, Croatia. Thin clouds turn a normal sunset into a sci-fi worthy sunset. [EOS 7DmkII: 400mm, f5.6, ISO 100, 1/2000 sec] Nature Photography Science and Art 

Sunsets are Illusions

By Steven Spence “It is sometimes said that scientists are unromantic, that their passion to figure out robs the world of beauty and mystery. But is it not stirring to understand how the world actually works — that white light is made of colors, that color is the way we perceive the wavelengths of light,[…] and that the sky is blue for the same reason that the sunset is red? It does no harm to the romance of the sunset to know a little bit about it.” (Carl Sagan, Pale…

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Diaphonization work of Sadie Stednitz (Photography ©Chad Lowe) Biology Science and Art 

The Artful Science of Diaphonization

By Ansel Oommen Ansel is a freelance writer, multimedia artist, and citizen scientist residing in New York City. He writes in-depth pieces about the intersection of science and art. The dead fish, frogs, and snakes floating in the vials are like curiosities from the Victorian era. But unlike the stuffed and mounted animals of taxidermy, these specimens are transparent, offering a literal window into their skeletal structure. The rich reds, purples, and blues that highlight their bones and cartilage have been produced by the process of diaphonization, which blends art and…

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How to make animated infographics Science and Art 

How to Make Animated Infographics

Make Animated Infographics: A Brief Tutorial This brief overview of how to make animated infographics is the work of Eleanor Lutz, who blogs at Tabletop Whale. Don’t miss her other work, including the animated infographic about breathing, the planet earth control panel, or this explanation of how our muscles work. Here is what she has to say about the tutorial: Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for a tutorial on how to make animated infographics. So this week I put together a quick explanation for anyone who’s interested. This is…

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Planet Earth Control Panel, Eleanor Lutz Astronomy Science and Art 

Planet Earth’s Control Panel

This  planet earth control panel infographic is the work of the fabulous Eleanor Lutz. Lutz is a Seattle-based graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology. She created this particular work of science-meets-art as a celebration of America’s tax-funded space program: NASA. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA was started in 1958 as a part of the United States government. NASA is in charge of U.S. science and technology research that has to do with airplanes, space, and atmospheric conditions. From Planet Earth to Spaceship Earth “I wanted to…

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