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Let’s talk about trees!


The Girl Scouts and SciStarter have teamed up to put the spotlight on trees in these citizen science projects.

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The Girl Scouts have teamed up with SciStarter to invite everyone to plant, protect and honor trees. They conserve water, reduce air pollution, improve wildlife habitats, and contribute to climate change solutions. Learn more about how forests can counteract the effects of climate change.

Below, you’ll find the Girl Scout Tree Promise citizen science projects you can do to help out.

Girl Scout Tree Promise

Participate in the Girl Scout Tree Promise by participating in one of six curated projects.

Girl Scouts: Take it to the next level as a National Service Project.

Logo of the Girl Scout Tree Promise badge


Invasive diseases and pests threaten the health of our forests. Scientists are working to understand what allows some individual trees to survive, but they need to find trees to study. That’s where concerned foresters and citizens (you!) can help.

Locate threatened trees for scientists to study and collect sightings.

Map of USA showing markers placed by citizen scientists.

NASA Globe Observer: Trees

GLOBE Observer: This project guides you on how to use your smartphone to report local tree height measurements that complement NASA satellite observations.

NASA scientists need your help measuring how tall trees are. This simple observation tells scientists a lot about forest health!

Hand holding a smart phone with the Globe Observer: Trees app pulled up.


Forests are critical to keeping water sources clean and healthy and preventing erosion. They are critical sources of food and livelihood, too. ISeeChange helps you track changes each season.

Help scientists document how trees are changing and if there are certain species more susceptible to new climate conditions.

A person holds up a smart phone to photograph trees.

More for Girl Scouts: Think Like A Scientist Journey

Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something! On this Journey, Girl Scouts explore how to help scientists answer questions they cannot answer without our help!

Use the special Girl Scouts SciStarter Portal to find projects and step-by-step instructions to complete and document your project.

Then, find tips to Take Action (43MB PDF file) to educate and inspire others by sharing your experience and what you’ve learned about citizen science. For example, you might organize a citizen science activity at your school, local library, or community center!

Think like a citizen scientist logo.

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