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Science with Sophie: Bubble Gum


Bubble Gum Science

Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? Swallowed your gum? Found a wad of chewed gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe? If these things make you wonder what bubble gum really is and how it works, then you might be a scientist, and this video is for you.

Do the science experiment with Sophie

To do the bubble gum science experiment, you’ll need these things:

  • 3 sticks of gum
  • 1 freezer

Go get those things and start the video!

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About Science With Sophie

Science With Sophie is an interactive science comedy series for all ages. This fast-paced show invites viewers to explore science all around them and remember that they are brave, curious, funny, smart scientists every day.

Hosted by science educator/actor/comedian Sophie Shrand, the cast of wacky characters – all played by Sophie – educate and entertain while showcasing how diverse careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) can be.

The series is Sophie’s upbeat solution to the serious problem of inequity in STEM fields and underrepresentation of women in mainstream science media. Using cutting-edge teaching methods like the Next Generation Science Standards, each episode explores science in daily life by asking questions, trying experiments with easy-to-find materials, and encouraging viewers to think deeply and creatively. By showcasing strong female role models to people of all ages and gender identities, this show aims to level the playing field for women in STEM.

About Sophie

Our friend Sophie Shrand is the creator and host of science comedy series Science With Sophie, a media enterprise for girls and everyone. The show is Sophie’s joyful solution to the serious problem of inequity in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) and underrepresentation of women in mainstream science media.
Sophie holds degrees in Neuroscience and Theatre from Northeastern University, Boston, training from The Second City Conservatory, and was recently selected from over 500 applicants as a Camelback Ventures Fellow. Science With Sophie (SWS) has been featured by NatGeo, GoldieBlox, EdSurge, Inverse and Girls Who Code. In addition to the creation of SWS, Sophie is a senior educator at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, teaching 24,000 students per year. She has researched humans and cocaine, held brains in her palm, generated three-story lightning bolts, and worked with skunks, geckos, and red-tailed hawks. Sophie’s performance repertoire spans two decades, screen and stage, and crowds of 5 to 15,000. Sophie’s life goal is to inspire the next generation to create their own change through STEM thinking.

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