I look like a scientist; women in STEM Engineering 

Women in STEM: You Don’t Look Like a Scientist

By Katherine Lindemann There are many women in STEM professions, yet research shows women who look feminine are still judged less likely to be scientists. What is being done to overcome this stereotype? Women in STEM fields have plenty of anecdotal evidence that looking feminine and “looking like a scientist” at times seem mutually exclusive. They’ve revealed their professions at parties to be met with surprise, been asked where the professor is in their own university offices, thought maybe they shouldn’t wear a dress to that conference. Now there’s scientific evidence as…

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Considering a Career in Web Design?

If you are considering a career in web design, then you’ll want to meet Pamela Green, a self-employed web designer. In this short video interview, Green talks about pros, cons, and details of her work creating websites for private clients. This is a latest video in the Women in Action series produced by Canadian nonprofit Techsploration and published by GotScience.Org. Techsploration’s Women In Action series delivers a quick overview of over forty careers in sciences, technology, trades, and engineering. The series features short clips of various female role models who…

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