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Technology Design to Step up Your Game

Accessibility is critical to extend the advantages of technology to as a large number of people as possible. Microsoft estimates that there are over a billion people with disabilities around the world, many of whom like to game. Hence, three years ago, the XBox Accessibility team started working on a new type of controller. They collaborated with occupational therapy groups and nonprofits to build the controller that people with disabilities needed. How does it work? What are its features? Watch this video from the Endgadget series. With smooth, rounded edges and…

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Dextrus Engineering Technology 

Crowdfunded 3D-Printed Robotic Hand Is a Winner

By Lorna Partington New 3D-printing technology is revolutionizing the medical field in many ways, but one new innovation is making a particular splash. The aptly named Dextrus, an amazing 3-D printed robotic hand, recently won the James Dyson Award in the U.K. and is now competing with other global design innovations for the Award’s coveted $45,000 international prize. Initially funded through crowdfunding site Indigogo, the Dextrus is expected to reach the mass market in 2016, proving that a life-changing scientific idea can succeed in our online age.   The James Dyson…

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