Bush Fires across Woy Woy Bay in New South Wales, Australia, Photo by Martin Snicer (CC BY-ND 2.0) Climate Change Ecology Environment 

Australian Bushfires vs Amazon Rain Forest Fires

By Jacqueline Mattos (@mattosjacq) Year 2019 faced many climatic emergencies and devastating scenarios. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil was consumed by a number of fires that burned around 17.5 million acres of land, and Australia was ravaged by massive bushfires that have spread uncontrollably into 2020. There are many questions about the differences between these two events. From a large distance, they might look alike, but they actually present a lot of dissimilarities, making any comparison unfair. The evident and shocking number of deaths in Australia—both human and animal—already shows…

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Amazonian Frog Uses Mimicry to Ward Off Ants Animals Biology 

Amazonian Frog Uses Mimicry to Ward Off Ants

By Neha Jain @lifesciexplore More than a thousand species of frogs live in the warm and humid Amazonian forest. Some of these species have to contend with ant attacks. But scientists have found a frog in the Amazon rainforest that doesn’t have to worry about these attacks, thanks to chemicals produced in its skin that mimic those released by leaf-cutting ants. The frog Lithodytes lineatus buries itself under leaf litter and logs in the Amazon where it lives happily among leaf-cutting ants. These ants are known for farming their own fungus…

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