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norman-rusinNorman is the Managing Editor for GotScience Magazine, and a freelance copy editor and journalist who help writers produce sound and telling communications. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a PhD in Italian Studies. In his research, he looks at how science, literature, and art complement each other in our understanding of the world. Connect with him at

Tasmanian Devils Fight Facial Cancer

Tasmanian Devils Fight Facial Cancer

By Norman Rusin @normanrusin The Tasmanian devil is a natural-born fighter, but a transmissible facial cancer has devastated Tasmanian devil ...
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Nests, Neurons, and the Evolution of Behavior. How and Why Do Brain Cells Die?

How and Why Do Brain Cells Die?

By Norman Rusin @normanrusin Chaining Proteins May Free Brain Cells from Disease How did the king of Corinth, Sisyphus, outwit ...
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GotScience Book Review

Book Review: When We Are No More

Title: When We Are No More: How Digital Memory Is Shaping Our Future Author: Abby Smith Rumsey Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing ...
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Totten Glacier. Esmee van Wijk/Australian Antarctic Division

Climate Change Strikes Totten Glacier in Antarctica

By Norman Rusin @normanrusin A warmer climate attacks polar glaciers at both ends of the Earth. In the Arctic, ponds of ...
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Ebbs and Floes: Watching Melting Ice in the Arctic

Ebbs and Floes: Watching the Arctic Ice Melt

By Norman Rusin @normanrusin Last July, a team of NASA scientists succeeded in collecting data about summer melting ice in ...
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New software developed by Carnegie Mellon University helps mobile robots deal efficiently with clutter, whether it is in the back of a refrigerator or on the surface of the moon.

The Human-Robot Virtuous Circle of Creativity

By Norman Rusin @normanrusin Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied to many tasks, from fighting poaching to preventing illegal logging ...
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Saving Forests with AI: PAWS suggests patrol routes in Malaysia based on behavioral models. (Rimba)

Saving Forests with Artificial Intelligence

By Norman Rusin The global trade in products made from illegally extracted timber is a multi-billion dollar industry. The World ...
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This map shows the proportion of the genome inferred to be Denisovan in ancestry in diverse non-Africans. The color scale is not linear to allow saturation of the high Denisova proportions in Oceania (bright red) and better visualization of the peak of Denisova proportion in South Asia. Sankararaman et al./Current Biology 2016

Modern Humans, Meet Your Denisovan Ancestors

By Norman Rusin A new map of archaic ancestry suggests that some present-day humans derive more of their ancestry from ...
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