Advisory Panel

Be a Scientific, Educational, or Corporate Advisor

This is a volunteer position for adults who are interested in supporting science communication, education, and citizen science. If you would like to join our list of corporate, educational, and scientific advisors, please email us at

Advisors are sent occasional emails about funding, insights, and information we currently need. We hope the advisors will contact us to let us know if they or someone they know has content knowledge that we are looking for or is aware of funding that might serve to support new projects.

This volunteer position would require less than one hour a month of your time, unless you decide to become more involved or want to support us in some other mutually agreed upon way. This is a new position within our organization, and it will evolve over time. We say that because we don’t know what will happen through this new advisory panel and just want to remind everyone that all is in a state of flux and the only constant is change (Heraclitus).

Support Science Communication and Citizen Science

Email us at with your name, title, a short summary of your expertise, and any pertinent background you think we should have, and we’ll add your name to the list! Feel free to share short paragraphs of your ideas or describe how you see yourself assisting and Science Connected. Thank you for your support of science education and communication!